HemPoland is the first private company in Poland to obtain a state license allowing it to grow and manufacture Cannabis Sativa. “Go big or go home” – hence, since the very beginning we aim to develop dynamically and introduce innovative solutions on the global scale. Our team consists of several dozen experts in various fields, their international experience, passion and commitment guarantee the top quality of the production process. Thanks to this meticulous production control our flagship product – CannabiGold oil gained well-deserved internatonal recognition in many European countries (e.g., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the UK).


The quality control process for hemp extracts containing natural Phytocannabinoids begins already at the stage of seeds selection. HemPoland has tested over 20 strains of hemp, which allowed for the selection of plants with the most favourable cannabinoid profile.

During their growth and maturity periods, our plants are on regularly and rigorously tested, and the cultivation and harvest techniques are constantly optimized – all this in pursuit of the best possible quality of the input material, which, in turn, has a direct impact on the quality of the final product.

Top quality of extracts
In addition, to furtherly ensure their top quality, every day we run dozens of analysis of the composition and the desired parameters of our extracts. It is precisely this analysis, combined with a broad network of external laboratories we cooperate with, that guarantees the highest quality and purity of the final product. Thousands of experiments and in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis sativa plant let us conduct an analysis of the cannabinoid profile far more detailed and of a much broader spectrum than most European laboratories do.

Green Absolutes
Green Absolutes, a part of the HemPoland group, has been the first company in Poland (and one of the very few in the world) to design equipment for the supercritical CO2 extraction dedicated specifically for hemp. The expert knowledge and experience of the members of our scientific team have let us develop unique technology that allows the production of top-quality gold extracts rich in the neutral forms of cannabinoids (eg CBD, CBC, CBG).

Supercritical CO2 extraction (a type of SFE – supercritical fluid extraction) is an innovative technology referred to as “green chemistry”, as it allows for extraction without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals. The unique parameters of the supercritical state ( so-called “fourth physical state”) make it possible to extract the desired ingredients only, without risking contaminating the extractant.This quality is crucial as hemp is known to easily accumulate from the soil heavy metals and other harmful compounds. Unlike other, simpler techniques supercritical CO2 extraction guarantees that the final product is absolutely pure and safe.

To ensure the highest quality of our extracts, we conduct dozens of studies of the composition and the desired parameters on a daily basis. Our own analytic support combined with a broad network of external laboratories we cooperate with guarantee that every product leaving our factory is characterised by the highest quality and purity. Thousands of experiments conducted and in-depth knowledge of the cannabis give us the opportunity to run a far more detailed analysis of the cannabinoid profile than most European laboratories do.