Cannabis inhaler can help people who suffer insomnia

A cannabis inhaler could help millions of insomnia sufferers doze off within 10 minutes, its inventor has claimed.
The new hand-held device squirts a dose of the drug into the lungs that is just enough to have a sedative effect without getting users high.

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Researchers say their tests of the ICANsleep gadget show just one dose is all that is needed to work.

Furthermore, they claims participant of the study woke up refreshed with no unpleasant side-effects.
It will be made available in Israel and California next year after further trials. The manufacturers hope to convince the UK's drug watchdog to make it legal.
It is estimated a third of adults suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia.

And the cost is more than just fatigue. Lack of regular sleep is linked to raised risk of depression, obesity, heart attack, stroke and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy. 
Our 'open all hours' culture, increasing stress noise and lights and mobile devices are just a few of the modern lifestyle factors that are blamed.
Millions of Britons are prescribed sleeping tablets – which come with a range of health risks. 

Key findings of the study.Israeli researchers developed a device which turns cannabis into a vapour.
It was designed to contain less than a quarter of the amount of THC – the main psychoactive chemical that gets users high – you would find in a joint.
Animal tests suggest the puffer worked in ten minutes or less.