Medical marijuana and cannabis-related products have been gaining popularity over recent times. There’s also ongoing research on the effectiveness of cannabis-related products (such as CBD) on various health  conditions. Research also continues to cast more light on the multitude of medicinal benefits of these products, and how well they can be used to promote good health and well being.

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD oil, is one of the key compounds with many medicinal properties that is currently being extensively researched. CBD is extracted from the buds, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant, then packaged in the form of capsules, vape oils and tinctures (amongst others). The rich medicinal properties of CBD makes it a handy remedy commonly used by athletes to treat/contain various conditions.

An athlete’s body is often subjected to strenuous exercise that causes muscular wear and tear, fatigue, and injury. Most of the effects of hard training  are felt towards the end of the day when swelling and inflammation are at their peak. Although continued practice makes your body adapt to the rough treatment we put our bodies through, there are times when the wear and tear is too much causing performance to drop.  CBD, however, contains various medicinal properties that help your body cope with the pain  as well  as heal faster, thus enabling you to push on. Outlined below are some of the medical benefits of CBD to athletes, the best application methods, and how you can use it to improve recovery time and performance.

Medical Benefits of CBD
To many people, cannabis is a drug that causes one to get ‘high’, this however isn’t the case with CBD. CBD is purely refined and doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound (THC) that causes the intoxication people feel when they use marijuana, one of the reasons it is legal in most states.

While almost anyone can use CBD, it is considerably more beneficial to athletes and people leading an active life. The oil is also most effective when in its natural form, a reason you should avoid synthetic CBD (as one story describes how 52 people in Utah died using fake CBD oil).  Outlined below are some of the medical benefits of CBD Oil.

1. CBD Fights Inflammation
Inflammation is one of the biggest hurdles athletes face every day. Inflammation often occurs when muscles and active parts do not get enough oxygen leading to accumulation of lactic acid. CBD oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help fight inflammation naturally. Using CBD oil topically is all you need to fight inflammation when away from home or the gym.

2. Pain Relief
CBD oil contains potent analgesic properties and is an effective natural pain reliever. One of the benefits of using CBD oil for pain relief is that it doesn’t cause brain fog or overwork your organs just as most over-the-counter painkillers do. It also helps address the cause of the pain, hence a much healthier option for athletes.

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
CBD is notoriously high in anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. These properties come in handy in containing/alleviating anxiety and stress when performance is key. While it may be normal to be anxious on game-day, for example, some athletes find it hard to overcome the anxiety. CBD can come to the rescue as it helps your nervous system calm down allowing you to focus on what you do best. In addition to this, CBD is non-addictive hence no need to worry.

4. Improves Recovery Time
Although unavoidable, an injury is every athlete’s worst nightmare. While popping an over-the-counter painkiller (Methadone, Percocet, Vicodin, etc.) may help with the pain, it certainly doesn’t improve the recovery time.  CBD however not only helps with the pain but also encourages faster recovery by creating a good enough environment for healing.  This is because CBD oil is packed with compounds and nutrients that promote increased cell action and tissue regeneration.

CBD oil can also be used to contain various types of illnesses including degenerative diseases. This fact alone makes it a handy home remedy for improving tissue injury recovery.  As long as you use the recommended dosage of CBD, and it’s organic, you can then be assured of accelerated healing. Some athletes are able to get back on their feet in half the time they would have taken on conventional treatments.

5. CBD Oil and Head Injuries
New research conducted on patients with head injuries, including those with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) confirmed that CBD helps these patients recover much faster than those that don’t use it. The study was conducted on a group of 446 patients suffering from TBI, with 97% of these significantly benefiting from the use of CBD.

88% of these patients had never used cannabis, and only used CBD for the research and treatment purposes. From the study, the researchers were able to conclude that CBD helps protect brain cells from damage, a critical aspect in modern contact sports.

This makes CBD especially crucial for martial artists, football players, gymnasts, and hockey players that often suffer hits and blows to the head.

Simply using CBD supplements can be the difference between experiencing fogginess or severe concussion and avoiding it all.

6. Boosts the Immune System
Many athletes put in hours and days exercising for a single event. The heavy exercise and pressure put the body under a lot of stress, which can weaken the immune system. CBD oil helps boost your immune system despite all this and reduces the risk of catching an infection or falling ill.

CBD comes especially handy when training for a big event or game, and when you have to train in unfavorable weather conditions. Many athletes have to put in hours of exercise deep into winter. High in antioxidants, CBD oil provides the body with just the right tools to fight infections and promote heart health.

7. Enables One To Control Weight And Appetite
Many athletes strive to maintain the recommended weight, shape, and body Mass for their size and sport. CBD helps you keep the perfect body shape by curbing your appetite and increasing intake of just the necessary nutrients needed for performance and stamina.  Whether looking for a way to tone up a little, or if you want to maintain your current body mass, CBD could help you achieve your goals.

Cannabis has been associated with triggering excessive eating in many people. This however only happens if THC is present in the product. CBD works by slowing your appetite and inducing satiation for longer. This also triggers increased insulin function hence proper utilization of blood sugar/glucose within the body.

CBD has proven to have many medicinal benefits for athletes than many other products out there. It also  provides an inexpensive, legal, and natural way to keep your body healthy as well. Try it today.

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