The “agricultural revolution” that began in the middle of the 20th century was characterized by a rapid agricultural mechanization, greatly reducing farm jobs formerly carried out by manual labor and increasing farmer worker productivity. During this time, substances against parasites and plagues were duly introduced giving birth to what we know today as pesticides, herbicides, and anti-plague chemical products – each and every time stronger and more dangerous for the wellbeing of our eco-system and our bodies.    

In the last decades, the use of these products have contaminated the groundwater resulting in more and more cases of disease and illness. For this reason, it was essential for us to know from our CBD suppliers how the plants were grown and we can guarantee that all of the products on sale on our on-line store come from certified growers. Each one of our products are: 

-       Pesticide free

-       Herbicide free

-       OGM free

We are committed to spreading information on the benefits of CBD and want to help revolutionize the way we treat pain and pathologies by offering an entirely natural product. 

We want to bring Nature to your life and for this we offer you the best natural remedies that nature herself has created.

We wish you a healthier life with The Green Honey products.